Originally featured in Icon Magazine

For some, the thrill of winning awards can be too intoxicating a drug. Over time you need bigger awards to feel the same buzz. Caught in a cycle of case studies and ceremonies you throw your marketing budget at anything that glints. A Yellow Pencil here, a Red Dot there. Your indiscriminate entry frenzy is taking its toll. The partners are beginning to talk, you can’t keep this up for much longer. You have to win and you have to win bad.

Thankfully we have the answer. Our simple app takes all the guesswork out of the nominations process. AWRDR identifies the most relevant award for your work before calculating your chances of winning. Whether you wish to secure new clients, stick it to the competition or have a good old knees-up, AWRDR’s patented rating system will help you to make a winning decision.

Although we had a suspicion that the nomination process for design awards was a complex one, it wasn’t until we had spoken to a number of creative professionals that we realised quite what a minefield it was. They all came back with the same problem: they spend an inordinate amount of time researching which award they should enter, analysing past winners and stalking judges, all to gauge their chances of winning.

We wanted to rethink the whole nomination and entry process, using existing technology. There’s no way of knowing for certain if a piece of work will win, but there are ways of knowing what kind of work wins particular awards. Image recognition technology will trawl the AWRDR database, containing 20 years of successful creative work for over 350 different design awards, aligning images of your work with the most relevant award and category.

Data analysis from a number of different sources, including jury members’ previous awarding decisions and the user’s own professional profile, will also enable AWRDR to calculate the nominated work’s likelihood of success. Having as much information as possible to hand would ensure all entry fees are judiciously spent.

To be honest, the name is a bit of a joke. AWRDR is just another instance of the frightening trend in app branding that will eventually result in total vowel extinction.The logo was designed to emphasise the inclusivity of the app. It’s an amalgamation of logos from a number of prestigious design awards. It was a way of visually signifying what the app does as simply as possible. We had to make a couple of tweaks to ensure it didn’t end up looking too much like Frankenstein’s monster. The D from D&AD didn’t work as part of the logo in its original italicised format and needed straightening up before we were happy with it. In an earlier iteration, we also wanted to use the Wallpaper asterisk and the Red Dot Awards’ red dot but ditched them over concerns that we’d be sued.