Content Strategy, Copywriting, Tone of Voice

After 20 years producing content for the ad industry, a bloated backend had rendered Three Blind Mice’s website near useless. As part of a wider brand update I took charge of Three Blind Mice’s content strategy to give them back their voice.

Content Strategy is the art of stripping away the unnecessary. As designers, it’s easy to forget that a corporate website is a tool for messaging. It’s easy to lose sight of those common principles that generate income.



Speaking to some of TBM’s biggest clients, it was astounding to hear that portfolio played such a small part in the buying process. With their high budget spend came an inherent expectation of quality. Service, people and personality were key factors in making the sale.

Armed with this information, I was able to oversee a content cull, resulting in an all killer no filler portfolio. Stripping back jargon and explaining their offer with detail and clarity was central to ensuring the site met core business aims.

In the first 12 months, the sales team reported a substantial increase in the number of client who would previously have phoned now using the site to choose artists and style, saving precious man hours. The team are blogging with purpose, using different social media carry different messages whilst sales are empowered to sell both their work and studio ethos to new and returning customers.