My first love, Well Made was the brand design studio I co-founded in 2012.

From the outset, I knew to we had to be different. A cliche in itself given how heavily designers are influenced by themselves. Building a studio with an authentic personality is hard. It helped that we were small, a sum of our collective parts and it helped that we already had a decade’s experience navigating our way through the industry.

I took charge of the studio voice, using it as a tool for business development, marketing and client projects.

I don’t know how or why a blog post about intern culture generated new work from lifestyle and publishing brands, but they did. For a while, we were at the forefront of content marketing. But it only worked because it was authentic.

Ultimately, all good things must come to an end. Operating across two studios and two cities, with two growing families took it’s toll on our collective ambition. Early in 2017 we said goodbye to Well Made as a working studio. Instead, Well Made lives on as a resource for young designers to harvest what experience we have in the form of content, mentorship and the occasional industry event.